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rachel + tom

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing Rachel and Tom’s stunning wedding!  There was just so much to love about this day.  Rachel is an extremely talented artist, and DIY’ed just about everything you see in their wedding day details.  She designed their invitations, their table decor, their favors (yes, she absolutely DID hand paint 200 mini canvases to give to their family and friends) – the entire day has her artistic talent woven throughout.  Also, our new and improved photo booth, which we have now dubbed “Boothtastic” made it’s first ever public appearance at R and T’s wedding, along with a fun custom backdrop made of book pages, to complement their theme of books and art!  Definitely check out all the fun that was had in the booth!

Rachel and Tom so kindly took the time to share some beautiful memories of their day, along with some excellent advice about how to plan an incredible wedding.  Be sure to read their comments throughout the post!  :)

Rachel:  “Up until our wedding day I had spent hours making sure each detail was accounted for. Each moment of the day was scheduled and extra time was allotted into the day for possible delays. Everyone told me I was crazy for being so OCD about the timeline but it absolutely paid off. The morning of our wedding I woke up feeling 100% relaxed. Anything that went wrong at this point was out of my hands and I was okay with that.  I knew that we had one shot at this day and I wanted to fully enjoy every minute of it. I started by making a beautiful breakfast for myself and my Co-Maids Of Honor. We ate and talked and laughed. We never, ever felt rushed or anxious. It was so important to me to soak it all in. The time I took  to plan and revise my Wedding Day Schedule was so worth it. Our day could not have gone more smoothly and I don’t think I could have possibly been more at ease (without help from Prozac that is… just kidding!) So I guess my first memory is also a piece of advice as well! It pays off to plan accordingly.”
Rachel:  “I remember wondering what it was going to feel like to see Tom for the first time that day. We had chosen to do our all of our photographs before the ceremony (definitely one of the smartest decisions we had made).  I wondered if I would cry, or laugh, or feel nervous. But I never ended up doing any of those things. When I saw him and he turned around and saw me I just felt… good. I felt great, actually! It was so amazing to be able to hug him and touch him and talk to him without anyone else around us. We wouldn’t have had that moment had we chosen to save the photos until after the ceremony. The best thing about doing a “First Look” is that it didn’t in any way take away from what I felt coming down the aisle. In fact, I think it added to it. We hired a good friend of ours to play Beatles songs quietly on guitar throughout the entire ceremony. Waiting to walk down the aisle was the only few moments of the day when I actually got a little nervous. I couldn’t stop thinking, “This is it. This is the moment that we’ve built this whole day around. This is the most important part. This is the moment that will change my life forever.” And it did change my life forever.”

Tom:  “The first moment that sticks out to me has to be our “First Look.” I will say that this was probably the only point of the day where I felt a bit nervous. Just thinking about how beautiful Rachel was going to look gave me butterflies, and then to think that in a few seconds I could see her… And as if on cue there she was to take my breath away. To say she looked anything less than stunning would be an understatement. I just remember gazing into her deep blue eyes and becoming overwhelmed with a sense of joy followed by peace to know she was soon to be my wife. It was so nice to be able to have that time just with her and relish in what the next several hours were going to be like. It was great to find comfort in each other and talk out any nerves that either of us may have had.”

Rachel:  “VJ, our guitarist, began to play “Across the Universe” (my absolute favorite song ever) and my father and I stepped out into the aisle and I lost it. From that moment on, Tom and I both cried throughout the entire ceremony. Literally… we cried the ENTIRE time. We cried out of love for each other and excitement. We cried from the beautiful words spoken by our Officiant, Dennis DiGesare, and from the words spoken out of love by our family members. We cried thinking about how far we’ve come and how much further we get to go. It was perfection. I will never find the right words to express just how much our wedding ceremony meant to us. It was beyond anything I could have ever dreamt of feeling.”

Tom:  “The other moment that I will forever remember has to be the kiss. This is something that is pretty difficult to describe. Now first of all let me start by saying the entire ceremony was perfect. It was so personal and real and was filled with so much emotion, but to me its pinnacle was the kiss. I remember right as our lips touched and we held each other, it felt like everything else around us disappeared and it was just the two of us. It was surreal. It was an affirmation of our vows and a seal on our promise to love each other forever. I remember then looking at my wife Rachel who was crying as much as I was and her wiping tears off my face. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to duplicate the feelings I had that day.”

Rachel: “At the end of the ceremony, just before we walked back up the aisle as husband and wife, we hugged our parents. I had no idea until this point that both sets of our parents had been crying almost the entire time as well. I will never forget when my dad hugged me. He hugged me once, then my mom hugged me, then my dad hugged me again. The second time he would not let go. As I continued to hold on to Tom’s hand and hug my dad with my other arm, my dad cried bittersweet tears on my shoulder. It wasn’t until a guest yelled out, “Ya gotta let her go, man!!” that we were able to continue up the aisle. Everyone had a good chuckle after that.”

Rachel:  “As for my piece of advice, I could give you SO many. I already sort of gave one. But here’s the absolute most important thing I can come up with: make the ceremony your own. Sure, our reception was incredibly beautiful and I could rave about it for days, but the ceremony is the reason for the reception. Our union was so important to us. We wanted each piece to fully represent who are as a couple. We customized every single piece of our ceremony: Acoustic Beatles on guitar start to finish, a friend’s father as our officiant who gave the most beautiful sermon I’ve ever heard because he was able to personalize it, personalized readings and prayers read aloud by our loved ones, a gorgeous wooden cross at our altar, handmade by my father. So many other precious and incredible things happened during our ceremony and I will never forget any of it. So, that being said, be sure you leave your stamp on everything. When the day finally comes you will certainly feel engulfed in a love that is undeniably yours alone.  Also, when it comes to choosing your vendors: only cut costs where it doesn’t count! Flowers get thrown out and all wedding gowns are beautiful on a blushing bride. However, you have one shot to get flawless photos and throw one heck of a party and at the end of the day, that is all you will have left: incredible photos and stories. Because of this, we could not be more thrilled with our decision to choose Ayres Photography. We chose them the same way we chose our other vendors: amazing people that we could trust, get along with, and who we can feel their passion for their craft radiating from them. Bottom line: You can never go wrong when you go with your heart.”

Stacy Squires Photography - what a beautiful elegant wedding :-)


I took these photos of baby Easton back in January when he was fresh out of the oven.  Even though he’ll be a year old in just a few short months, I wanted to share the memories captured during his shoot because they are so perfectly representative of what I always try to capture at a newborn/family session.  Whenever we are hired to document majorly amazing, life changing events in people’s lives, we try our very best to capture things exactly as they happen.  We do this so you can look back at the photos for your entire lifetime, and remember not only the events, but also how you felt in those moments.  :)

*To schedule a family session with us, hit up our contact form, or email us at info@ayresphoto.com.

jill + michael

Fall is my favorite time of year.   The temperature drops, the leaves change, apples and apple cider are everywhere, the days get shorter, and we abandon the grill for delicious hearty soups with crusty bread and butter.  Our plaid, wool blankets come back out, we add some lush mums to our front gardens, and eventually, we pick pumpkins from my dad’s pumpkin patch to add to our front porch.  Even though these same events take place every year like clockwork, I still get just as excited each time.  I get equally excited each year as our fall wedding season approaches.  I love fall weddings.  Maybe it’s because I love the decor, or the seasonal goodies, or the beautiful colors that nature adds to our photos, or the cooler weather that allows me to run around all day strapped with heavy equipment and not have a pool of sweat running down my back.  Either way, sharing Jill and Michael’s wedding from October 2013 has me very excited about all of our upcoming fall weddings.  Can’t wait!  :)

Jill and Michael got married last October at Park Country Club, and I’m excited to share our favorite photos from their beautiful fall wedding!  From the emotional, heartfelt Ketubah signing, to the elegant ceremony, to the delicious late night s’mores bar, J and M’s wedding day was absolutely flawless.  Be sure to read their favorite wedding day memories throughout the post!
Jill:  “We decided to do a first look, because among many of the reasons, we didn’t want to wait until our ceremony to enjoy the day together!  When it was time, I could see Michael standing on the bridge from far away.  I had just put my dress on and it was the first time I was covering any distance in the dress.  I was so excited to see Michael that I basically ran all the way to him (thank goodness for TOMS shoes!) and got my dress dirty in the process… it was worth it!”

Michael:  “One of my favorite memories of the day was walking across the bridge and waiting for Jill in anticipation.”

Jill:  “We were gathered with our closest friends and family for our Ketubah signing (traditional Jewish marriage contract) in a separate room just before our ceremony.  At one point, everyone gathered in a tight circle around us and I could hear the string quartet down below playing my grandmother’s favorite song (may she rest in peace).  I was so overwhelmed with the love and support in the room that I almost forgot how to sign my own name!”Jill:  ”Walking down the aisle with both of my parents was really amazing.  I remember just trying to look at everyone and take it all in – some people were smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen, other’s were sobbing happy tears, and others were saying things to me that I pretended to hear.”Michael:  “Another very memorable moment for me was waiting at the end of the aisle while Jill completed the seven circles.”Michael:  “I will always remember the moment right after we were introduced into the reception.  We stood on the dance floor together, and waited for our song to begin.”
Jill:  “My dad has been waiting his whole life to give a speech at my wedding and he totally nailed it! Seven months later I still have people commenting on how amazing his speech was.  I wish I had captured it on tape.”

“We have two main words of advice to give other couples.  First, you can’t stress about all of the small details on your actual wedding day – that’s what the weeks leading up to the event are for!  On the actual day, just take a deep breath and have faith in all of the wonderful vendors you hired to do the job they do best.  Everything will fall into place perfectly!  Second, take time to take a step back and really see the room.  Take it all in so its ingrained in your memory… because the day will go by so fast!”

“We really enjoyed working with Jenn and Ben.  It felt like they understood what was important to us and took the time to capture all of the amazing moments without us ever knowing they were in the room.  It was a comfortable relationship from the start and we’re so glad they could be part of our big day.”